Okay so here are my favorite color combinations

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)September 6, 2004

Alright so here's my favorite color combinations as of this year:

pale yellow and blue

purple and violet and yellow or orange

blue and orange

pale pink and orange

white and black

red and blue or red white and blue

white and magenta

pale yellow and black

chartruese and black

salmon and pale yellow and blue..... divine

which are your faves..... ????

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perennial_woman(z8 AZ)


Can you tell us what plants you used to get these color combinations?

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

YOu can use lots of plants I noticed I liked my moonbeam coreopsis and linum lewessi together.....
I also noticed I like my echinacea with my rudbeckia and orange daylilies
I noticed I also like the linum lewessi next to the orange daylilies
I noticed the pale pink oenethora looks nice with the bright orange daylilies
I'm trying my hand at a red white and blue bed.... this year it was just annuals.... blue analagis monelli... red geraniums and white queen anne's lace
I also like the look of the nemophila penny black and the black and white poppies together.....
I noticed I liked my monarda marshall's delight with my white echinacea.....
I noticed I like my moonbeam coreopsis next to the black foliage and magenta blossoms of dahlia diablo.....
I noticed I also like the ipomea batatas in some pots with the dahlia diablo
And I stuck some salmon geraniums in with some linum perenne lewessi and the moonbeam coreopsis..... inpots of course... although I guess I could have put it in the ground.... the geranium was just a quick fix though I don't mind geraniums I would love to find some more salmon perennials though.... I'm thinking of adding next year some salmon achillea.... and lychnis maltese cross (salmon).. not red.....
I'm sowing seeds now for the red white and blue bed...... I'm putting in more linum perenne..... some red lobelia, red maltese cross, red poppy, white queen anne's lace and red and white hbiscus..... for annuals I might put blue salvia....
The purple and orange or yellow is a tried and true combination.... that's why you see so many plantings of it..... echinacea and rudbeckia.... It's the way it would look naturally too... meadows of echinacea and rudbeckia... mother nature often gets it right.... as someone once said the fields of blue forget me nots and pale yellow primrose in England are stunning...... Magenta is also not my favorite color in the garden but it does look nice next to pale yellow (some love it with chartreuse) and I like it next to white..... :)

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What do you think enchinacea, purple asters, and white canterbury bells would look like together?

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Our fav. giant container this year included: deep purple heliotropes, angelonias, petunias and verbenas. Add to that a dash of white impatiens. Plant angelonia in the ground next to it. Stunning!

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

mla2ofus - when do the white cantiberry bells bloom? because in my plantings the asters just start blooming about the time the coneflowers are done... so they do make a nice combination because i have fairly constant color from june through october...

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brdwybaby(z6a OH)

I have a stunning patch of red centranthus Jupiter's Beard and Salvia "May Night". They Bloom together and make a nice combo.

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Opinion please:

I have some potentella (yellow) that I would like to have amongst a huge rose bush that I need to replant. The rose bush has small pink roses and just blooms and blooms- just beautiful. I am also wanting to plant some lilies there as well. I am not thrilled w/ the yellow/pink combo but only place I have to replant the rose bush and I am not willing to move the potentellas. What would be a good combination? The plants are against our shed, which is white w/ tan at teh bottom. The rose bush will be centered and the potentella are on each side of it in clumps of three. The potentella are 3' tall and the rose bush is like 5-6'. I do have some new Mugo pine in a row at the foundation on either side of the potentella clumps. Any ideas welcomed =)

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Here are my favorite combos, usually three or four colors. Of course in a garden with many different colors its kind of difficult to totally separate color vignettes.
Orange and purple
Orange,purple,lime green,magenta, or different combos of them.
Purple/burgundy/'black' with lime green
Blue and lime green(ok,lime green with just about anything)
magenta or hot pink with blue and sometimes yellow thrown in there
Golden yellow with burgundy
Orange with burgundy
orange with 'black'. I know it's so Halloween,but hey,it works and I love Halloween. Violet thrown in there looks good and appropriate too.
Orange,coral,and magenta(ok, once again, I like orange with just about anything) Yellow and apricot might look good with that too-a sort of tropical fruit salad look.
Orange(Of course)with blue or violet and yellow.

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