Asiatic lily companions

KimOctober 14, 2001

I've always wanted lilies and finally got 100 bulbs and planted them out yesterday. What plants, annual or perennial, would work well with them? I mean in the exact same spot to come up and cover the dying foliage. I thought of asters maybe. Would they work or would they get big and bushy too soon and compete with the lilies? Anything else? Thanks!

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Donnarose(z6-Western Ky.)

Hi Kim,
In the same area as my Asiatics i have Orientals,garden phlox,matricaria "snowball", which looks great all season.Shrub roses-they are still putting out the blooms right now.Some of the ever-blooming,lower growing,spreading, polyantha's such as "Marie Pavie" stay covered in blooms.For something low,balloon flowers and veronica's are nice (still blooming here in Ky.) There are just so many things that look beautiful with lilies! I could just go on and on.Alyssum is another shorter one that is still blooming(started in May)What ever you decide on,i know you'll love it.Lilies are so easy!

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

Lilies were an absolute nightmare here in zone 6 Boston this year due to Lily beetle infestations. Picture your beautiful Lilies covered with blobs of black mud and bright red lady-bugs sized beetle sitting amongst that. I wish you all the best of luck. Maybe if you plant ornamental onions with them - Allium - it will help deter them? So far, no one knows what to do about them. I have replace all of mine with Glads. Keep us posted on your results next yr.

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ozandrea(SA Australia)

Try planting a ground cover of creeping thyme and ajuga as both are supposed to promote the health of lilies. I have planted orange peel thyme among my lilles and it's keeping the weeds down as well as improving the look of my planter box.

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What about lavender?

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A classic combo is to interplant lilies with ferns, which give shade to the lily roots. One would, of course, want to either choose sun-tolerant ferns, or site the lilies in partial shade.

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variegated society garlic...might help deter the bugs, too.

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Propaganda Garden Design

I grow my Lilies with late blooming Clematis (on small pillars next to the Lilies) of contrasting colors. I also have Aster 'Little Carlow' planted around them for later season interest.

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

I like the idea of Ajuga as a groundcover. And maybe Ageratum 'Blue Horizon' (24"-30") to cover?

I am growing Chinese Trumpet Lilies, which bloom later that some others, and using Salvia leucantha (a late bloomer) as cover.

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Great idea, New Jersey, to use the asiatic lily with clematis. Is the foliage dense enough to adequately shade the roots of the clematis.

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One of the magazine had a picture of Pink lilies and ageratum 'Blue Horizon' -- it was so pretty. I've also read that assylium is inter-sown to provide cover. I think that a tall grreen coleus would look great nearby. I have pink Lollipop Lilies in a planter -- they are shorter. Knock on wood, I have never had a problem with the foliage.
Maybe miniture lilies would look nice on the edges of taller ones.

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magazinewriter(z5 Mich)

My lilies are underplanted with vinca in one bed; with perennial candytuft in another.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I have put a white salvia a the base of mine, they bloom about the same time here. I also have them behind some autumn beauty sedum which hides the declining lily foliage.

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spartangardener(z4 MN)

asiatic lilies are tall (at least in my garden) so if you want to hide them after they're done blossoming (or at least make them blend into other foliage), you need taller plants. I have them with phlox, rudbeckia, echinacea, joe-pye weed, ressian sage, heliopsis, shasta daisies, veronica, goatsbeard, mums, asters, and other good size perennials that blossom at the same time or later and maintain attractive foliage (2-4') when not blossoming.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I combine mine w/Siberian iris (nice foliage to hide the lilies),Orientals, asters and miniature roses.

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daphnexduck(Z8 Tacoma, WA)

My pale pink Asiatics are blooming right now with Shasta daisies - lovely combo.

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