Planting Strawberry and Garlic together

sequiNovember 6, 2007

On some companion lists, I see that strawberry and garlic are listed as incompatible. Does anybody know why that is?

On other lists, they're not listed together, and in searches of posts, a couple of people thought they went well together.

It's my first year for both strawberries and garlic, and I interplanted them this fall. I just figured that when the garlic would come up through the strawberries after they runner all over the place.

I was also hoping the garlic would keep pests out of the strawberry patch.

What does "incompatible" mean I should expect?

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It might flavor the straberries, or maybe the straberries choke out the garlic. It's hard to say. I haven't seen many explanations as to why things are incompatible. Sometimes they just compete for the same nutrients.

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Plants give off chemicals. Roses like the chemicals given off by onions, so roses and onions are good companion plants. I don't know specifically about garlaic and strawberries, however, both like acid conditions.

I use santolina bushes as insect repellants in my strawberry bed. I have a raised bed, about sixteen feet long by three feet wide. I have three santolina at equal distances. Haven't had any problems with insects in that bed since I put in the santolinas.


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I was asking myself the same question, so I did a couple of searches and
Here they say it is okay to plant them together.

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