I Need to Remove these right?

puglvr1(9b central FL)March 21, 2011

I planted this Satsuma 'owari' about 5 weeks ago and pruned it as the growths were a little out of control...shortly after it bloomed and now I have these tiny fruits. I'm guessing I need to remove these baby fruits...I hate to do it but will if I should. Maybe I'll leave one and see if it matures?

Its a shame too since right now its CLM free...but I know that won't last long. All my neighbors have Citrus and CLM's are on every tree here in my area and FL :o(

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I've always removed them the first year in the ground but I"m certainly no expert. I will say that all my citrus have rooted and done very well afterwards. I mainly wanted to comment on what a great looking tree that is. Unbelievably healthy looking and those leaves are so glossy.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

I think a few fruit would be okay. Pretty little guy you have, so maybe one or two, just so you can say you got a nice mandarin this season :-) And, are you treating for CLM? We, too, are really hit hard in S. Calif. I start treating as soon as I have some warm weather and new flush.

Patty S.

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Nancy! THis is the first post I have done this am since I was so excited to see you get that cute little tree!

I must say it is so beautiful. It will do great in your hands. I can't wait to see its progress as it grows along. So good to see you too.

I hope you get good advice, since with me, I would take all fruit off because I don't even eat them anyway. No problem for me. If you like the fruit, I can't see how leaving the only ones that don't fall off would cause any harm.

Have a great day and hello Patty and Rob:-)


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks guys for the Nice comments...it is a cute little tree. Can't wait till it grows up,lol...

Woodrok...appreciate the tips. I might see if one will stay on just so I can taste it. I have a feeling they will drop off on their own anyways since its such a small tree.

Patty, not sure what to spray with that isn't harmful to the fruits. I have Bayer systemic(BATS)...but I can't use it since Citrus is not listed...I can treat with it if I don't eat any of the fruits for at least one year.

Mike,lol...I had NO idea you remove them and don't eat the fruits! You don't like them or just because? Your trees are always SO healthy and beautiful especially your Citrus. I hope I can grow them half as well as you do!

Here's what it looked like right after I got it...out of control...that's why I had to "Pug" it,lol...I like to try and shape my trees as soon I get them.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Egads, Mike! You don't eat those delicious Satsuma mandarins? Send 'em by way, lol! And Nancy, for a spraying program for CLM. I use Volk oil plus Spinosad (you can also use Neem Oil). Mix them per label instructions and combine them in a sprayer. Label your sprayer so you know what you've got in there. Then, spray the tender leaves (for this tree, they're all going to be susceptible, not just the new flush since your tree is still young.) Spray in the evening, and try to time your spraying after fruit set, or before blossoming, depending upon your weather. If your weather warms up early, then you can start before blossoms. Spinosad is mildly toxic to honey bees, so timing the spraying around bloom times, and in the evening, when the bees have gone back to the hive, the wind is down, and when the CLM moth comes out, works well. Start spraying when you know CLM starts to become an issue for you in your area, and spray every 3 weeks for 3 to 6 applications. That should take care of CLM for the most part for you. Spinosad is on the ORMI list, and is considered safe. The Volk or Neem oil will make it last a little longer. Plus, if you've got aphids or mites, the oil will get rid of those. For me, it was a nice double whammy :-)

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: UC IPM: CLM Management

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From a Citrus Leaf Miners birds eye view or perspective, I would have to say that that is the greenest juiciest nicest looking green plant I can see. I just hope those buggers don't see what I see from here.lol

What do you mean as nice as mine? All yours are just beautiful, in and out of the containers, and it was you that gave me the incentive to keep growing these beauties. It was your advice that helped me along too.

I don't eat the fruit because I am highly allergic to it. The acid in citrus will burn my tongue and lips right off. That is why I love the Oro Blanco tree. It is the only fruit mild enough to let me eat. It has a very low acidic content to me.

After PUGGING it, lol, I have to say I love the shape you left it in. Great job!

Well I was going to suggest some safe products, but as I post, I just noticed that Patty beat me to it:-) Look at you giving a big hand around here Patty! For that, I just might send all by citrus fruit off to you:-)

How are your trees holding up to your horrendous rains Patty? Or is that further north? I was thinking about you and Josh today. I think Cedbury lives there too.

Nancy, continue to post here for it would be a loss without you.

Patty, it is great to have you hanging with the rest of us!

Hey Rob


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Oh jeepers, Mike! I did not know you were allergic to some citrus, that's downright unfair :-( But, glad you can enjoy Oro Blanco. You should be able to tolerate Cocktail, too, then. It's even sweeter than Oro Blanco. And maybe?? even Cara Cara navel? Have you tried that? Very sweet and sub-acid. Some folks who like navels might not like that degree of sweetness in a navel, but I love it. Plus, it's very pretty.

As to the rain, that's us, too down in San Diego county - horrendous amounts of rain. This last rain that came through Sunday through early this morning left us with 1 1/2" per my rain gauge. We're expecting more rain today, and again on Wednesday. And maybe Friday. This winter/spring is looking to be even wetter than last season. The good news: Lake Hodges, our local north San Diego county reservoir is full for the first time in I think 10 years. So that's good. Plus, a LOT of snow pack in the local and N. California mountains. And, since it's been cold, no CLM so far. Bad news: I'm dealing with a lot of fungal stuff on my roses, hibiscus and other ornamentals, as well as aphids and mites due to the excessive moisture. And, since it has been quite cold for us (all northern storms, no Pineapple Express stuff), a lot of my citrus are sort of in a state of suspended animation with no flush or greening up. Some have, some haven't. No rhyme or reason. The stuff up on my backyard hill where it's a little more protected mostly have flushed, but the Bearrs lime, Pixie tangerine and Moro have not. Nor has my Oro Blanco in the front yard, but in pots right next to it, my Meiwa kumquats and Sangueinelli have. Odd stuff. I know the citrus that are more cold hardy may flush later, but some of those ARE flushing, while more cold-sensitive citrus haven't.

Patty S.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Patti...for that wonderful and very good info and tips!

Mike, I'm sorry you're allergic to Citrus...bummer! So nice to have so many friends on these forums...Thanks again! You like my "pugging",lol...I'm glad!

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