red roses and?

gwenda - 8 PNWNovember 3, 2000

I have a semicircular bed that has 5 red HT rose bushes and two white. The straight edge of the semicircle borders a sidewalk. The rounded edge borders our lawn. What companion plants would look nice around the outside of this bed? And I have room for more shrubs/roses----should I stick with red and whites or should I add some yellows. This bed has had me stuck in indecision for a year now.Thanks for your help!

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Tam - 7/8

Maybe Ladys Mantle as an underplanting? If the reds are clear, not too much to the orange or blue side, I think a yellow rose (Sunsprite is my personal favorite) would look great. I love thinking about gardens that feature roses, so it will be interesting to see what others suggest. Good luck, this garden certainly sounds pretty. Tam up by Mt. Rainier.

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cathy - 8

I second the suggestion of ladies mantle. I have it planted under a yellow shrub rose, and every year the two plants are a wonderful sight. I would also recommend a low growing feverfew. It will seed itself around the bed, and provide dainty white flowers, here or there, all over the bed. Both ladies mantle and feverfew have plenitful foliage, so that you would not need to worry about 'bare naked ladies', i.e., roses that have dropped their leaves. And if you want to get even more dramatic, plant a deep purple lupine here or there. This spring my yellow rose and ladies mantle were accompanied by volunteer lupine and feverfew. It was an incredible sight.

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Suzie - 7/North TX

I love purple with red and white roses. In fact, I have a whole bed of red roses with purple companion plants.
Check out -
Below is a link to my garden-related home page with many photographs of my roses, daylilies and all.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Lighthearted Rose

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How about some blues and silvers. Artemesia Powis Castle and Salvia Victoria look beautiful with almost any color of roses and are both easy care. I like lambs ears with roses, especially Helene von Stein for the larger leaves and lack of blooms. Have fun! Debbie

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HeyBambi - 6 Boston

White Allysum would soften that straight edge, and maybe even reseed for you, as mine has here in zone 6 Boston. Along with what others have suggested, I'd say you are now set to go!

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Donna - 6-ky.

How about pink mini roses? I also love oriental lilies (Casablanca-white) (Stargazers-pink blend) planted amongst roses...Donna

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Julianna - 6b/7

By accident I found a beautiful combo with my Traviata-- purple homestead verbena and Southern Charm verbascum. sounds weird, but was so beautiful. All the colors played off eachother well.

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Diantha - Utah Z6

Hi Gwenda,

One of the most striking combinations in my gardens has been Red HT Roses and Imagination Verbena. The verbena is violet blue on lacy green foliage, and gets about 1 ft. high with a 2 ft. spread. I mass plant it in front of the roses, and the combination is gorgeous.


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Lorraine - North of Scotland

I love seeing roses underplanted with a mixture of lavender and artemesia.

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margay(z5 MO)

Will these ideas work with red carpet roses? I would like to know what to plant with carpet roses. Thanks

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Catmint goes beautifully with all roses!

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nature_farmer(z5b IL.)

I did the same thing need more ideas.Thanks,Jody

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

Great ideas so far! I like catmint, calamintha, purple geraniums, purple verbena, Tanacetum niveum, and lambs ear "Helen von Stein".

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pink_warm_mama_1(Z4 Maine)

Lavender and artemesias - a great combo with roses.

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