Optical Illusion? Wishful Thinking? Possibility?

thisisme(az9b)March 24, 2011

I Just came in from Foliar Feeding my citrus trees. The first trees had some yellow leaves with green veins. Not all the leaves just a little. By the time I came back to the first tree an hour later it looked like the leaves were already starting to green up. The green veins looked like they had gotten noticeably wider. This was done just before twilight so both the color spectrum and the intensity of the available light had changed considerably.

I sprayed them with Liquid Kelp and just a little bit of Epsom Salt. Is it possible that there could be a slight change that fast or did the changing light just play a trick on me which will be evident tomorrow morning?

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

well....its morning now, LOL.

How does it look. I dont think you would notice a change that fast, at least not in color. Mine will perk up that fast if i let them get to dry and then water.


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There is know way of knowing if they were getting greener an hour after but they are noticeably greener this morning. Not dark green and there is still plenty of yellow but there is definitely more green.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Foliar applied fertilizers should never be used as a substitute for soil applications. Spraying minor elements (which you did) is good for a quick response, but it is not a long lasting one. The elements need to go into the soil for that to happen. Plants like their supplements the old fashioned way, lol.

By the way, iron chelates are often sprayed on golf course grasses prior to a big event. A day or so before a big tournament (especially if televised) or a photo shoot, the crews will have those big boom trucks hitting the course with the iron. (Now you know!)

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rhizo_1 I applied the same application at double the strength in a drench three days before but saw little change. Between the two hopefully they will green up nicely over the next week or two.

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Hey Drew!

I never saw this thread..Ooops..

How are you? How are the gardenias? How are the figs?

I hope they do green up for you, your citrus that is.

We shall chat soon. I owe you:[)


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I don't have any gardenias Mike but I am trying to get a large system of raised garden beds into vegetable production. I'm also planting flowers. Not to mention planting a great deal of my potted trees in the ground and giving away what I don't have room for. Someone is coming over today to pick up a mature Algerian Clementine Mandarin in a 25 gallon pot. I'm hoping he will also take a 15 gallon Dancy Mandarin off my hands. I'm so far behind at this point that a lot of vegetables I was planning on planting will have to wait till the Fall. Yesterday I finished planting the onions that should have been planted in Oct-Nov. I still have many trees to plant that I have been trying to get into the ground since last summer. So far I have planted roughly thirty trees in the ground since last summer.

All that said my trees are in bloom and beautiful and the bees are in the air, the sun is shining. Its seams like its taking forever but I still enjoy my garden and backyard orchard. My son will be helping me all day today. I would say the chances are good that 2-3 more trees will be planted today. I picked up a good sized Oro Blanco Grapefruit and some Numex Big Jim pepper plants last Friday. I'm broke and I'm feeling twice my age but life is good.

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