edible companions for roses?

cabrita(9b SoCal)November 14, 2008

The place came with about 54 roses. I am not so interested in non food crops but they are very beautiful (great scent too) so I was wondering what edible crops can be planted with roses successfully.

So far I have done well with oregano, it acts as living mulch. I also planted lettuces under them, that worked OK too. I planted a tomato near it, bad idea, the rust from the rose attached the tomato and killed it. I have read garlic, and I did plant garlic, but it did not do so well thus far. However, I see some garlic just coming out, about 9 months later....hmmm.

What types of edible companions have you folks paired with roses? what worked?

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Garlic and onions !!

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river22(Z6 OK)

Parsely. It gets rid of the bugs that get on roses

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Parsley! great, thanks for the tip, I got lots of seed saved for it. So far I have been planting various greens. I now have arugula, mesclun lettuce mix, dill, oregano, and garlic. They make little patches between the roses and look quite nice. I just sowed red lettuces, red mustard, green mustards and romaine lettuce, waiting for the last few to sprout.

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busylizzy(z5 PA)

When I had roses I planted garlic, repels jap beetles and makes the rose scent stronger

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Mind that the previous owners didn't contaminate the soil around the rose bushes with pesticides. Strong systemic insecticide/fertilizer combination products are commonly applied to eliminate sucking pests on roses and keep nutrient levels up. Multiple different products, with perhaps quite variable levels of persistence may be used by rose hobbyists.

Some kinds of kitchen crops may accumulate and concentrate specific toxic materials found in the soil in which these are planted.

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