Came back from vacation, a few surprises!

DavidL.caAugust 16, 2014

I know these plants can take even longer neglecting, but I went on a week-and-a-half trip and was worried about my plants a bit, came home to feel quite relieved and found a few surprises, thought I'd share!

First the flowers! The Senecio kleiniiformis finally opened its buds, slowly but steadily! The stalk is now super long and I have to adjust it to help it to stay in position every other day..

The bud for unknown Stapelia grown a whole lot for just a week! It went from this:

To this:

Key Lime pie is also taking its time on the flower, but it definitely moved a bit this week...

Anacampseros seeds! The flower bud dried up and look what's inside :D

No idea what to do with these, maybe I'll ebay them haha, but there's not that many

Some nice growths on my propagation window too:

The leaves used for propagation are starting to shrivel away

The crazy etiolated Echie that I chopped are having some new growth everywhere.. but I don't know where this will go @@

Last but not least, also received my year-old Lithops seedlings and potted them up. They're definitely much tinier than I thought! I think it's okay for these to stay in one pot for now when they're young.

Can you spot them? ;)

So yeah, I'm glad all of them seemed to endure it pretty well. I had timer set for my grow lights and fan to run in the morning and towards the end of night.

Wonder how they would do if the vacation was a month or two though...!

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That was a nice surprise--they look very happy. That's the beauty of most succulents, they don't mind a little neglect.

Water (for my veggie garden), light and fan timers really help, though.

Love your little lithops!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Maybe you need to take more vacations! :^)

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@notolover Yup I'm definitely learning that they like you to ignore them, but sometimes it's just so hard to resist xD. And lights and fan timers definitely help because my window isn't the brightest. Thanks!

@hoovb Haha I wish!

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Those all look good,i've got several things now in different stages of blooming.Exciting isn't it?? Tfs

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Yes! I didn't think my plants would bloom at all this year, so it was exciting enough to see them spitting out the flower stalks, and now they're actually giving me flowers. I cheated a bit of course sometimes, for the Stapelia I chose one that had a little bud already xD

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I love those kind of surprises! I worry about my plants when I'm gone too.

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For sure! But they're so much tougher than you think, haha. This bud is going wild, before I thought it could be S. gigantea, but from the hint of red I'm thinking it might be one of the red variants. Stapelia hirsuta or paniculata?

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