No-go again this year for Republic of TX Orange trees

sun_junkie(9)March 12, 2013

2nd year in a row our container orange trees have not flowered. They had oranges on them when purchased. They flowered the following year too but I picked/prevented fruiting to focus on growth.

It makes no sense. The Meyer is in the same soil, feeding schedule, and climate/lighting (backside of house faces south). These two trees sure can grow some thorns, but no orange blossoms! Meyer seems to have all the bees in town at work.

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The Meyer flower is so sweet and fragrant that any bee within half a mile will be there. Your plant looks good; but the leaves look a little small; maybe you should give it a bit more food.

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Thanks Johnmerr, will do. I was just waiting for the fruit to set.

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Any idea why my Orange trees won't blossom? I didn't prune off buds, they get adequate light, good minerals and feed too. No high N blood meal till summer growing season. I haven't seen flowers on them in 3 years!

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Your orange tree should not have thorns! Unless it is a seedling, it could be that the rootstock has taken over the scion. Can you post a photos of the orange tree?

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Doubtful it's a seedling, the nursery I buy from only sells citrus on flying dragon or trifoliate orange rootstock. That said, I cannot locate the graft.

Will post pics soon.

By scion being overtaken, do you mean die back and upward root stock growth? If so, then I don't think that's the case.

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Backyard faces south. From left to right... Meyer, Republic of TX orange, Republic of TX orange.

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You are on the right track. Your tree does not have to be a seedling to have thorns. Republic of Texas is an orange tree that almost always has thorns. Several of my trees have small to medium size thorns and they are grafted quality fruiting trees. Some orange trees can have thorns. If you are 100% sure the nursery you get your trees from only uses trifoliate then I wouldn't give up on your trees. Your pictures are very hard to tell what you got. The picture of the tree you have by the BBQ pit looks like it possibly could have the rootstock over growing the tree, just by the picture it looks like two stages of different growth. But it's not trifoliate if it is rootstock taking over. Without more defined pictures that's the best advice I can give. If your nursery will let you run the tree by that would be best. My opinion to you on getting advice on this forum is there are some people that will give advice because they are an expert in one field but will give out advice that's not always true.

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Thanks Rob, I'll try to have the local Citrus guru come by. What details are needed so I can take sufficient photos? So does root stock never flower? If it is overtaking, I'm not wasting all this growth. Guess I'll be learning about grafting for next year :)

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