Sunflowers & Moon flowers?

LaurieK123(7b Oregon)December 31, 2011


Does anyone know if sunflowers are strong enough to not be hurt by moon flowers/morning glorys?

I was thinking about planting them together and having them climb up the sunflowers.


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That's a cool idea. Let us know if it works, and with some pictures.

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One of my neighbors planted sunflowers in a circle and morningglories next to them. The morningglories ran up the sunflowers. They seemed to do fine, but leaned a bit late in the season. I believe she should have planted giant sunflowers, since they have a stronger stalk.

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goldenecho(Z8 (Waco TX))

If they are as strong as the wild ones that grow in my backyard, I'd say yes. I would give the sunflowers a head start though, so that they don't get climbed when they are new.

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