Companion planting distance

NorthHadley(z5Ma)December 19, 2005

Ok so carrots love tomatoes.Does that mean when I plant them should they be close(inchs close)to one another ?

How close is close?

Plants that do not like one another,whats the distance they should be from one another?

I went thu the Carrots Love Tomatoes book and I couldn't find anything telling me if good companions should be inchs away or feet away to take advantage of the companionship.

Same goes for those who do not get along.How far apart should they be?

I grow in raised beds,wide rows ,28"wide with a 42" isle.

Anyone able to share with me what they have expirenced with their companion plantings?


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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

Since no one else has answered you, I will try. I would consider the full grown width of your plants and plant accordingly. so if you're tomatoes will be 2ft wide (just a guess) plant your companions about that far away to give them both enough room to grow. I've been known to violate that when not paying attention and have still had decent growth, but would have gotten better growth/production if the spacing was a little farther apart. for example, my nasturtiums were swamped by my zuchini and yellow squash bush plants because I wasn't expecting the squash plants to get so big. the nasturtiums grew, but were very stunted and didn't really start blooming til the squash plants started dying back.

for plants that don't get along, it may be best to have another plant in between them to give them a bit of distance and a physical barrier.

this probably isn't the best answer, but I hope it helps some.

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organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)

Distance may vary depending on the relationship of the companion; cooperative, attraction of pests (lure), attraction of beneficials, distraction of pests.

They may be immediate neighbours or a few feet/yeards away. The tomato & basil might be close enough for root interaction since is said to improve flavour.

I alternate companions in my 3' x 8' raised beds if they are cooperative. I try to put a lure companion in a neighbouring bed. So many of the herbs and onion family are good just to ward off the pests.

Compost tea is also a good practice.

Good luck.

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