Josephine bloom questions

outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)May 27, 2006

Good morning. Thinking she was dead as a door nail, I pruned my Josephine down to about 8 inches this Spring. She has sprung back to life and has almost filled up the 6 foot trellish. Alot of growth, alot of green.

Last year, after a NO PRUNE Spring, I had a few beautiful blooms, but no rebloom.

Will I get my first blooms later in the season considering the hard prune I did this Spring?

Thank you in advance for your learned replies!



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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

I prune all my type 2 clematis back after they bloom and they rebloom. Some type 2s may only bloom on old wood, but I do not have any. Mine bloom on old wood early and new wood later. I don't have josephine so I can't speak for her.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Josephine was new in my gardens last Spring and come this past late winter/early Spring..I pruned all my Pruning type 2s as 3s to they would have a better root system..this is the last year I will do that..for now I can let them be 2s...My Josephine grew just beautifully this year and had "Single" blooms...this is normal for Josephine to bloom Singles on new wood and later on in the season she will bloom double on old just fertilize her after her initial bloom period and hopefully we both shall see doubles later on this season...Jeanne

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Bob414 - Do you actually cut them back alot or just basically a trim? When you say you cut them back after the bloom - do you cut them 6" from the ground? Thanks in advance. Golden

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I pruned my Josephine down this spring to 12" hoping to get some foilage at the bottom. so far nothing, not even one leaf. all I have is the stems, do you think she's dead?

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It's blooming now, double on on old wood. Will rebloom in August with some double, but mostly single flowers on a new wood.
Seedheads are somewhat unpleasant (to my taste) and I try to deadhead it if possible.

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outinthegardenallday(Zone 7, LI,NY)

Thanks for your responses. I guess my major haircut this Spring is going to delay the bloom process. The vine looks very healthy...just no blooms.

For those of you who are getting the nice big double blooms she's noted for...when do you prune and how much? Would I prune in the Fall? If she only double blooms on old wood, a severe haircut is not something I should repeat, correct?

Thanks again.


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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Golden, sorry I didn't get back earlier. I cut them way back, leaving 2 leaf axils on the lower stems.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Clematis "Josephine" is a pruning group 2 and shouldn't be hard pruned!!...If so you will never get doubles...I did mine this past late winter/early Spring because I wanted it to get a better root system since I had just planted it Spring of '2005...I won't be pruning mine again..if you are having bare legs on yours..just plant something in front of it that won't have invasive roots to hurt your "Josephine"...Jeanne

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My dad has a Josephine and I have been looking for 3 years now for one. Still no luck :(. He does not prune and she is amazing!

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