Stella D'Oro not blooming

bev1065(7)July 19, 2008

My Stella D'Oro dayliles are not blooming. The first bloom in the spring was normal, every plant covered in blooms. They have hardly bloomed at all since. Is anyone else in zone 7 having this trouble?

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Mine are underperforming too, but I attribute it to the fact that they should have been dug and divided last fall and I didn't do it. Will do so this fall and hope that next summer they hit their stride again.

I also think last summer's drought affected many perennials - quite a few of mine are underperforming this year, but then others have bloomed better than ever - who knows?

Mother Nature's in charge and we're just along for the ride!

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Mine are also "taking a rest". I attribute it to the fact that last summer's drought slightly weakened them, and the heat and drought for most of this summer - so far - after a cool and wet spring, hasn't helped. I have been watering a lot more recently, and the rains last week will help, I hope. I have been reluctant to fertilize too much, considering how dry it's been, but think I will give them all some mild organic stuff, just to get something other than green leaves, that are much too short, to add insult to injury!

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I found an article the other day that I thought was interesting. Linkage below...

And just kind of thinking out loud here....

I have heard a few things regarding plants not blooming and options for solutions but I can't confirm any of it really. I was told to withhold water for established drought tolerant plants. I have done this with Gerber Daisies and have it work but haven't tried it on anything else. I was also told to use a fertilizer that had lower nitrogen (?)levels. And... I have also heard that Stella will bloom one good time and then you get random blooms throughout the season but if you cut them back after the first bloom they will grow back quickly and bloom again before the end of the season.

This is my first year with Stellas but I have had some other daylilies for a while that look like they may be Happy Returns. If I cut the stem on the spent flowers all the way back as opposed to just pulling the flowers off they tend to have more blooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stella Info

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my stellas bloomed the first year but haven't bloomed since they are three years old and are not even growing the sun the get is the morning sun

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