Starting a Fertilizing Regimen

Karly30March 15, 2011

Hello All,

I am the proud new owner of about 15 various citrus trees. I have recently moved into a house where we are completely redoing the landscaping, and eventually, the new landscape will have lots of lovely citrus. I am in the process of clearing out the old landscaping and improving the soil, so the plants that are destined for the ground will be in pots for at least 6 months. Some of the plants are destined for container life.

All the plants I have were purchased at local So Cal nurseries, and are in either 5 or7 gallon pots. I plan on working on repotting in the 5-1-1 mix after the spring flush is done.

Several of the plants have suffered from nursery neglect, and exhibit a variety of nutrient defeciencies. I have sprayed them all a couple of times with dilute fish emulsion to get rid of any nasties, and fed them the dilute fish emulsion once.

I have Fish Emulsion and Foliage Pro. Please help me come up with a plan to either get the plants green or keep them that way!

Thank You!

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If you plan on keeping them in the old mix for a while, then I would first flush them with new water as much as much you can.

Then I would water them with vinegar and water, one capful a gallon and just let them rest for a week or two until they get use to their new surroundings.

I would also make sure they get good morning and or late afternoon sun for a while. Not sure how hot it gets where you live.

If they are in nursery containers watch for over heating of the roots while the sun hits the pots since I assume they are black plastic ones? Maybe you can try and find a way you can protect the roots from over heating.

Ok, maybe someone will take it from here. Good luck and enjoy:-)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I agree with Mike on giving them a good flushing so you can start with a 'clean slate,' as it were.

The Fish Emulsion doesn't work as well in containers. I'd save it for in-ground applications.

The amount of fertilizer you use will depend on how often you intend to fertilize - every two
weeks, every week, twice a week, et cetera. Many here recommend fertilizing 'Weekly Weakly.'

The 5-1-1 is a wonderful, cost-efficient, easy to use mix.


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