Buying a Harvey lemon tree

shelley_h_gardener(9)March 28, 2011

Any ideas on where I can find a Harvey lemon tree online? I have searched but have not had any luck.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

What state are you in Shelley? This is a Florida variety I think. If you're not in Florida, you might find this variety a little more difficult to locate.

Patty S.

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I am in Louisiana. I am finding it really hard to locate one. I had a ponderosa but it did not fare well through the winter. Is Harvey the only cold hardy lemon tree?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

A Meyer lemon tends to be more hardy, most likely due to mandarin or orange in it's background (it's a cross between a lemon and a mandarin or sweet orange). But for you in Louisiana, if you're not in citrus zone 1, you're going to have issues with cold temps and citrus unless you're in a microclimate that reduces your freezes. You may be better off keeping your citrus in containers, and moving them inside during the really cold winter temp times.

Patty S.

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zecowsay has several types of cold hardy citrus, Harvey Lemon included. Unfortunately the website is down right now.

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If you are in a citrus growing region of Louisiana, I think you may have trouble ordering citrus trees from out of the state. But I've added a link for a South Carolina nursery that apparently carries Harvey lemon trees.

Below is a selection taken from the latest state bulletin on plant regulations for your state:


Updated March 2011
Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Office of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Horticulture and Quarantine Division
P.O. Box 3596
Baton Rouge, LA 70821 3596


PEST: Citrus Canker, Xanthomonas campestris pv citri (Hasse) Dye

STATES REGULATED: All areas designated in Federal Quarantine 301.75 et seq., with continued amendments.

MATERIALS REGULATED: All plants and plant parts (including fruit and seeds) of: Calamodin orange (Citrus mitis); Pummelo (Shaddock)(Citrus maxima); Citrus Citron (Citrus medica); Satsuma (Citrus reticulata); Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi); Sour orange (Citrus aurantium); Kumquat (Fortunella japonica); Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis); Lemon (Citrus limon); Tangelo (C. paradisi x. C. reticulata); Lime (Citrus aurantifolia); Temple orange (C. reticulata x. C. sinensis); Mandarin orange (tangerine) (Citrus reticulata); Trifoliata orange (Poncirus trifoliata); and any other article or means of conveyance that presents a risk of disease spread.

RESTRICTIONS: Federal Quarantine prohibits entry into Louisiana.


PEST: Tristeza (a viral citrus pathogen), Xyloporosis, Psorosis and Exocortis

STATES REGULATED: Entire states of: AZ, CA, FL, TX; any other citrus producing states or areas.

MATERIALS REGULATED: Citrus nursery stock, scions and budwood.

RESTRICTIONS: Shipments of regulated materials from an area where tristeza is not known to occur require a certificate of inspection from the state of origin stating such. Regulated materials from regulated states must have been grown under a citrus budwood registration program meeting these requirements: 1. Parent stock tested on trifoliata rootstock at least 3 years with no indication of exocortis; 2. Parent stock indexed and found free of tristeza within 12 months before shipment; and found free of xyloporosis and psorosis; 3. Grower must file a nursery certificate of inspection with the state entomologist; 4. Each shipment must be accompanied by a Louisiana citrus permit tag and a budwood registration tag issued by the state of origin; 5. Each shipment must be accompanied by a citrus invoice report issued by the state of origin, containing information on grower, receiver, parent trees, variety, rootstock, etc. If shipment includes budwood, it must be accompanied by a bud cutting report. A copy of the invoice and bud cutting report, when required, must be mailed to the state entomologist prior to shipment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plantfolks Nursery in South Carolina

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I'm looking for one too. I'm in Alabama so our state doesn't restrict citrus sales exports and imports.

I know a place in Florida ( that sells them, but due to regs they cannot ship out of state. I'm actually right over the FL/AL state line, but that nursery is in Tallahassee, which is too far for me.

The other part of the problem is trustworthiness. There are a lot of websites that ship trees that are quite shady, pun not intended.

If anyone knows a reputable site that will ship to Alabama, I'm all ears!

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)


Mackenzie Farms in South Carolina is very reputable. While I have not dealt with them personally, I have heard nothing but good things. They ship everywhere in the US except for certain states. Living in Alabama, you will have no issues.

Good luck!

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Sorry I misspelled "Mckenzie".


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