New to citrus normal leaves have fallen off all my citrus

nolefan_2006(FL 9a-ish formerly 8b)March 12, 2013

I bought a 35 gallon Meyer's lemon, a blood orange, a satsuma and a honey bell minneola from a friend who owns a reputable nursery. The plants came from Record Buck and were all quite beautiful and healthy. They were in the ground 2 weeks and then my friend fertilized them all in the middle of February. He said they needed citrus fertilizer and that I shouldn't wait to March to do it. Within 2 or 3 days all of the trees lost a ton of normal green leaves. I'm new to citrus, so I don't know what I'm doing. I doubt the defoliation was related to transplant shock since the plants had been in the ground for a few weeks and since they all lost maybe 3/4 of their leaves over night. I'm assuming that this is related to the citrus fertilizer. Does anyone know? Since then, new tender growth has appeared on all of the plants and they are doing fine. Is this defoliation normal and if so, should I expect it every other month when I fertilize? Thanks!

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P&P Photos and Patience. If you could post photos, we could give you better answers. Sounds like you are doing what you should; if they are making new growth, be of good heart.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Could be the fertilizer....

What were the temperatures like over the period of planting and fertilizing and defoliation?


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Where are you located? Must be somewhere near me.
I'm in Alachua County and we had some crazy temperature swings here in late Feb and early March. One of my trees has also lost its leaves and I was thinking the temp. swings could have been a factor, though some here say it could be root rot. Citrus doesn't like temp. fluctuations.

Did you have the wild swings from 80 to freezing and back over a few days?

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