Loropetalum: can it take full southern sun?

dyhgarden(7b)July 28, 2008

We've got to do some re-arranging in front of our house which is full south facing. I have a few ruby loropetalum hidden away in the outer garden and I'd like to bring one inside the fence. (Deer eat them, so the ones outside the fence are practically buried behind other shrubs and ornamental grasses.)

So...can the loropetalum take the all day sun?



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I have two that get full sun 3/4 of the day and my husband had to trim them today for the 3rd time this year - they are growing great - I have two in the woods that I have limbed up to be trees - most of the growth is on the sunny side. To answer your question I would say yes......


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Yes, definitely yes. Mine get full sun and I'm further south than you.

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Mine are in full sun and LOVE it! Nikki

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Great! I love loropetalum but haven't been able to enjoy mine because of the deer striping the branches. I just checked the ones that I have hidden from the deer and they are blooming for the first time since they were planted in fall 2005.

I want to combine 'Ruby Star' echinacea and pink muhly with the loropetalum. The stone used on our house is a PA Bluestone that is called 'lilac heather' and the burgundy/deep pink colors work well with it. These will have our stone chimney in the background and I'll keep the Indian Hawthornes and Robert Poore phlox next to the chimney. We're going to pull a weeping cherry that gets eaten by JBs and is always full of wasps.


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Cameron, I have lorapetalum in both dappled to deep shade and blazing, relentless full afternoon sun and they're all very happy. Go for it!

I didn't realize they were on the deer menu - guess I've been very lucky as my front yard plants (unfenced) have never been touched and my neighborhood is a regular Bambi hostel. Knocking on wood .....

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