Question about points. (PIC)

lovetogrowflowers(8)October 25, 2009

I've read that sometimes the corolla has five points and sometimes six-pointed flowers. I was wondering, does this one have seven? I counted and if I am counting where I should be this one indeed does have seven. All the others on this same plant have five, one with six and this one bloom with seven.

Does that mean anything? Just learning about them. Thanks.


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sianna(z6 PA)

Looks like seven to me ;-)

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Yes yours has 7 and some varieties are more prone to more than 5 than others. It really doesn't mean anything specific that I found over my (over) 11 years of growing them.

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Okay, that's all I wanted. Just wondering if it meant anything. I hope these suckers are fast growers like it states. I'm already getting jealous looking at my small plants compared to some others in the neighborhood who have had them for awhile. How much growth would one expect to see in one season?

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