Trovita sweet orange doesn't grown

LotoffunApril 18, 2014

I bought a Trovita sweet orange tree three years ago and planted in the ground. Last year and this year, it had lots of flowers and tiny oranges. However it seems the tree itself hasn't grow for three years. Each year only a few new leaves came up. Is there anything wrong with the tree? Thanks in advance.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Loto, impossible to know without photos.

Patty S.

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Thanks, Patty.

Below is the picture taken about 5 weeks ago. The tree is about 4 feet. Those small leaves are new growth. However in past three years, no too much grow on new limbs or tree itself.
I don't think it is a dwarf type as far as I remember. If it was, would this growth be normal?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

It looks very healthy to me. How much sun is it receiving? Trees tend to grow leaves at first, enough to support a fruit load, then will take off again, in a year or two. Continue to fertilize with a good quality citrus fertilizer that also contains all the micronutrients 3 to 4 times a year. And, it is most likely on semi-dwarfing rootstock, so it may keep the size down as well. It would be unusual to be on truly dwarfing rootstock ('Flying Dragon'), so patience and good care is all you need. It looks quite lovely.

Patty S.

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DocHollywood 9b Central Tucson(USDA 9b)

Your tree looks very healthy by the picture. I see you are from the Tucson area. We have a 2nd home in Tucson and were last there this past March. This picture is of my Trovita taken this past March. It was planted Fall 2012. It has about doubled in size since then. Harvested about 2 dozen oranges from it. Arizona's best citrus fertilizer applied at the drip line Feb, May, Sept. Foliage spray of micronutrients 2-3 times per year(Foliage Pro). I believe mine is on a standard root stock, but I could be wrong. I probably give it more water than I should, but hard to monitor when not there. Hopefully it gives you the size you want.

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God I hate rock mulch. What side of home is this on? I'd consider moving the rock well out from the canopy and adding more wood chip mulch. Paint the trunk white with latex paint.

No watering well so I assume drip emitters? How deep do you water? And how many emitters and far from the canopy are they set? With that lush foliage and flowering I'd say whatever fertilizing you are doing is just right.

Hopefully you didn't bury it too deeply.

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Patty, the tree is on the west side of the house. Here in tucson, I think sunshine should be more than enough. My concern is still that no too much growth on new branches.

DocHollywood, your tree looks great and way bigger than mine. It seems that my tree has some issues. One thing is here the soil is clay, very hard to dig. When I planted in the ground, the hole is not very big, which could limit the root system development. I don't know what I can do can help growing new branches. More fertilizer? I think I just fertilized once last year. Probably watering is not enough.
Another question is, which season do new branched and leaves grow? only in spring?

Fascist, I have only one drip emitter there, watering twice per week. Each time it should be well irrigated. Below is another picture I took yesterday, showing the size of the tree. Many small oranges fell off, but there are still some on the tree.

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