Is this something serious(and a id maybe??

iamthewindwakerAugust 12, 2014

I was in the garden center and picked up a little cactus and what i *Think* is a aloe. They were both so unusual and unique looking for where I live that I couldnt not.
However, I noticed the full extent of the damage when I was on the way home.
The cactus, while the soil is soaked, seems to be completely fine(Im letting the soil dry out - Is that the right thing to do??)
And other however, not so good.
Not only in the soil soaked, and has some moss/weeds growing out of the pot(weeds have been removed, moss - I think ill just repot the thing) But the outer leaves seem to have some damage.
I did wonder if it was something as simple as leaf rot, but after some reading around Im beginning to question that.
It is outside currently, getting some air, and also because if it something slightly more serious I dont want to potentially infect my other plants :c
If anyone could tell em what it is or what i should do - if it IS just some damage done by other plants or from being moved/bashed around the shop or what it is or what i should do I would be so grateful, I am pretty new to cacti and succulents and so I would rather ask then risk it, thank you

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

This one will be tough to ID this young. I have one as well, growing it in a pot for many years. It just got PIG last week (which I should've done long ago-Plant In Ground). My best guess is Aloe marlothii, 2nd A. aculeata & last, A. ferox. You'll need flowers for definite ID. I still haven't seen blooms on mine.

Hard to say what's causing the damage. Some may be due to bashing, some to rot (hole) & maybe insect (scale) for other. I know it's hard to do when you 1st get a plant, but if I were you, I'd cut off those outer leaves. It will grow new ones. The ugly/damaged leaves will just look worse over time & you'll end up cutting off anyway.

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Ahh thank you for the id/s c:
I did debate just lopping the outside leaves off and repotting it, the soil is so damp and the outside leaves look so damaged, but because I wasnt so sure I felt it best to ask somewhere where other people might know and be able to advise me. I think my other concern was if there was a issue deeper within the pant and i chopped off the damaged looking leaves, that it might return to get the fresher leaves.
Thank you very much for the info c:

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Ok, all the really damaged leaves were lopped off, only 3 that looked a lil damaged were left(There each had one small round blob on, i was/am concerned it scales insects, but my dad was afraid of killing it(I was partially in that fear too, as well as the fear of contaminating my other few plants)) Im leaving it for a few days to recover a bit before I consider repotting it, and before i move it next to my other plants, repotted or not.
Hopefully I havent missed anything s:

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rosemariero(Z9 SW SUNDiegoCA)

Let it dry out completely. After you re-pot wait a week or 2 before watering again. As for the round blobs ~if you have any rubbing alcohol, mix with water (50/50) & spray those leaves. It won't harm them if it isn't scale & if it is, you should be able to scrape off the blobs. The spray can/might soften them up. The soft-bodied critter under the outer shell is what you want to kill. If you scrape it off, you may scar your leaf a bit, but will be rid of the nuisance insect.

You're doing great!

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Ah, sweet, thank you very much c: I will get on that asap, if i can find some rubbing alcohol s:
Thank you ever so much for your help

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Those are Aloe peglarae. Nice aloes... very slow growing and curl up like that in summer, but will open up in winter rains (if you live in someplace warm and aloe friendly)

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O: Thank you for that info c:

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