What is eating my cherry tree leaves?

shd68July 6, 2007


I live in Durham and something is eating up my newly planted cherry trees like crazy! Also eating the sunflowers nearby, but not the new dogwoods or tomato plants. I never actually see anything on them, just leaves that are seriously munched. It's getting to the point that I really think it could kill these little trees. Any thoughts on culprits and/or cures? I know Japenese Beetles are a big problem around here, but I don't know if they eat cherry leaves and why I wouldn't see them around if they were the evildoers.



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Maybe blister beetles -- they eat poisonous things. They look a lot like lightening bugs and scurry along the ground.

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Tammy Kennedy

jbs very well might- the like other prunus species members. to see if it's jb's, go out midday and shake your tree. if a swarm of bugs come flying off, they are likely jb's. sometimes they can be hard to see. also, cherries are a favorite of tent caterpillars, and they will completely defoliate them. but- i'd think you'd notice the tent. even if the pillars were still small, if you notice a dense white webbing at the juncture of some of the branches, you've got tent caterpillars. there are a couple broods a year.

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