[Please Help] Lawn Stripes?

MogrixJuly 6, 2012

(I hope this is the right place. Please redirect if not)

for the past three years, i've had these "Stripes" of some sort, what looks like dead grass, appear in my lawn.


as you can see, there are three brown looking stripes running down my lawn. I bought this house about 7 years ago.

It looks like the stripes are where the grass has been treaded by either a vehicle of some sort, or something similar? But i don't ever drive in the lawn (except the lawn mower), and live out in the country. (ie, no four wheelers or other vehicles). They all run abnormally parallel to each other which doesn't make much sense.

At first i thought it might be where dead grass has been laying after mowing the lawn, but I don't mow in the direction the stripes are forming, and in addition, when the first one appeared I started catching the clippings in a bag instead of leaving them in the lawn to make sure I wasn't killing the grass.

It first, this problem started with 1 stripe (the one pictured on the right) the 2nd appeared last summer, and now this summer as of a few weeks ago, the farthest one on the left.

after googling, I can't figure out what this is or how to fix it. Can anyone help, offer any assistance, or point in the general direction for answers?

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Please post this picture on the Lawns forum
Not to say that some people here won't know the answer
for you, but there are pros on the lawn forums who will give you an accurate answer quickly.

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The picture is not very clear but since I have had the same effect, I can suggest a relationship. I have had dried out lawn area that is above the septic leach field. The fields are either linear trenches or one trench that snakes back and forth.

Admittedly, this seems counter intuitive considering the phrase 'the grass is always greener over the septic line." I have one theory created out of thin air. Until this year I have had a lot of Japanese Beetles and I know that the grubs like to eat and kill turf grass. Perhaps they are attracted to the damper regions and kill those sections. I have not had the streaks this year, but until last month, the lawn was well watered from consistent rains.

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The leach field comment would make perfect sense if in fact the fields are linear parallel trenches. reason being is that there is a layer of crushed stone then dirt on top basically causing the soil in the field to drain faster and dry out faster. whereas the rest of the lawn is just deep dirt that retains moisture, this section will be the first to dry out in the summer. hope it make sense. if you google leach field diagram you will have a better idea

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