Jade pest control -- alcohol, neem oil...

brwndotAugust 13, 2009

I've been trying to get rid of what I'm guessing is scale/spider mites on my Jade for almost 3 weeks now. I've seen dark spots along the edges of leaves, yellowing and leaf drop. And of course, little webs. Maybe there's a fungal infection as well?

I did some poking around online and decided to try spraying with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, twice weekly. That didn't seem to work so I went to my local greenhouse and asked for advice. I know some pesticides are toxic to jades but the staff couldn't tell me exactly which products would be best. I finally settled on Bonide Rose Rx and crossed my fingers. I know one of the key ingredients is Neem oil -- I've read that this is harmful for jades but that it could be tested on a few leaves...

sorry for the terrible quality -- regular camera is out of commission. hopefully you can see the yellowed leaves and dark edges -- especially on the leaf on the lower right

Any suggestions for stopping the yellowing leaves/dark spots along the edges would be very appreciated.

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Until you give your plant some significant time outdoors with fresh air, rain and sun, in a proper soil mix, you can spray all you want, the plant will continue to be weak and prone to infestation.

If you really care about your plant and are committed to the hobby, you must learn how to grow these plants in a healthy environment first and foremost to prevent pests and fungus. If you succeed, then your plants will not develop problems.



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My plant is outdoors in indirect sun, potted in mix for succulents -- no peat. I pinch back some new growth to promote a bushier shape. It gets fresh air and rainwater and was really thriving until recently.

This is not my first jade -- I've had success with two other plants for a number of years. Looking for specific information on getting rid of the pests, but thanks...?

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

Your photo probably is not much help here. But based on what I see in it, your problems are more cultural than pest related.

Thriving is a relative term. You use it to describe your plant until recently. I see nothing in the photo that makes me think thriving even in the past. Growth looks deformed and joint segments are long. That usually means poor light conditions and infrequent care.

Compact tight growth is thriving. Tip pruning compact tight growth creates a very nice thick bushy plant.

In my opinion you may have pests. But they only attacked the plant because of it's health or lack of. I've grown thousands of these plants. They are bullet proof when it comes to pests. I know of no bug that likes my jades.

I occasionally hear people talk about mealies on them, but would guess they keep their plants indoors a lot.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

When I hear yellow leaves and black/brown leaf edges, I think too much moisture.....
At least that's what happens on my Jades, about once a year in the middle of summer.
I get excited by spring growth, and get in the habit of watering the active Jade...
then the plant goes into a mild dormancy, and transpirates only a fraction of the moisture
it was using previously.

At this point, the leaves yellow and soften and drop off, sometimes developing the ugly
black or splotched edges. In fact, I anticipate this response in my Jades to let me
know when the dormancy has begun. It lasts only a month or so, and then I am able to
resume watering more regularly again.

When I see the yellow or splotchy leaves appear:
The first thing I do is cut back on watering. Then I pull off any affected leaves, and I toss them.


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I have grown Crassula ovata for the past 20 years recently. Take them out of the pots and examine the mix and roots. Cactus mix is not good for Succulents or Cactus. It holds too much water, and I am going to repeat my self, Succulents are from Africa, they grow on rocky outcrops, they do not like water, unless it drains fast.
How much white stuff is in your mix? any rocks, if not put some stream rocks into the mix. "Jade" grow by the thousands on Rocky Hills sides, so the rain goes down rapidly through the rocks, they grow into the cracks. They do not get the care that you are giving them. In the summer they lose leaves, they don't like the heat they are winter growers. I have a wonder full book from Charles Glass and if you don't know who he is your are a beginner. Fianl words from his book. It's just plain common sense. "There is an illusiion of comfort in rules such as 'Water when dry" (what is dry?") 'Full sun" CA sun or New York Sun. African Sun'" Water ever two week, in CA we must water once a week. We have low humidity except this week. here are no rules concerning good culture which may not and and occasionally whould not be broken; there are principles and guide-lines which when followed with interest, Common Sense is the most important factor in growing plants." CActi and Succulents for the Amateur.

Jade leaves are not supposed to crack, the plants are not supposed to ooze. I use Saffer's Soap, which is nothing but soapy water, and not detergent, with maybe some alcohol added. You can wash off the spider mites, if you water on a regular schedule, and get rid or soil mealies. When was the last time you changed the soil, perhaps the roots need to be cut back 1/3 and theh plant topped 1/3 not now but the first of October, just remember rules are just guide lines and use them as such. How large are your Jades ? When is the last time they were trimmed, soil changed? Does your hair fall out. So do their leaves, are they getting good air circulation? Are they getting cool nights and plenty of air circulation. I wash mine down once a week because it makes sense to me. I follow how the Huntington Gardens takes care of their plants, it workds for them and it has always worked for me since I was a child. We use no pesticides for the 100,000 plants that we have documentated growing in one green house and outside on benches with no heat. The proof in in the plants. The above suggestions are excellent I would listen if I were you. All of us have tricks in growing. Good luck, love your plants and they will love you. Randy I didn't even need to look at the photo, you are right on and so are the rest of the suggestions from others. Norma

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