Pinkish orange part on mammillaria

AloeAzulicusAugust 13, 2014

Hi all,

I've had this mammillaria for about 6 years and it's about 9" across. I'm in Phoenix and it lives outside (in the shade right now). We've had a couple monsoons blow through this month and they may have done some damage to this cactus. Several lobes have broken off, and in a couple spots where this happened, the skin has a pinkish orange color. Is it infected and rotting? There's a lot of new growth going on with all the water, and the plant is so turgid and green from the fixed nitro, but I'm worried about the pinkish spots because they are much more conspicuous after last night's storm.


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Here is a close up of one of the spots

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I think it might be a fungal infection. Someone who is more knowledgable I'm sure will chime in.

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