Problems with small red bugs

sam88July 15, 2009

We have been having a problem with extremely small red bugs on our outside door and floating in out dogs water bowl. We have an inground outside pool and they have also been floating in that. My husband has been cutting down two fields that outline our yard. The problems stared last April and the exterminator told us that we had bed bugs or fleas. The sprayed the house and we have seen no evidence before they sprayed or since. Problem seemed to go away with Winter, but now that Summer is here and my hushand is working in the yards/fields a lot, problem has returned. My husband constantly complains of bugs/something crawling all over him off/on during the day, but he can't find anything. He had bites on his legs a few weeks agao, but he now thinks that those were mosquitoes or bee bites for now no more bites. One night last week he felt something on his face and went into the bathroom and knocked one of the bugs off him into the sink (only time we have seen anything). Bug was a clear-skin like color - we think it might be a red bug or possibly some kind of mite. Does anyone know what they are or how to get rid of them? He is the only one having problems with bugs, I am not and my child is not having any problems. Thanks for any help.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Clover mites? You first say they are red bugs then you describe them later as 'clear-skin like color'. Which is it? I've seen the mites that are red, look like tiny strawberries in color and shape and ,when squished, leave a reddish streak.
This time of year you also have lots of baby spiders wafting on the breeze on their silken tethers. That you can feel on your skin also.
If he's not getting any more bites then just the touch of spider silk or blowing dust is enough to give someone the creepy-crawly feeling.
Some years are buggier than others and it's those years we hope for more birds and bug predators like dragonflies. I wouldn't try to get rid of the bugs but encourage your husband and kids to wear sunscreen with a light repellant formula. Accent on 'light' because too much or too often ..neither is good.

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