HELP!!! My lemon tree leaves are turning yellow!!!

BingoNLApril 16, 2014

Hi everyone,

I've bought a lemon tree a couple of months ago and it've been doing quite well (a lot of new growth and flower buds) until about 2 weeks ago. Its leaves (only 2 now) are starting to turn a bit yellow! The new growth also looks pale green (it thought it was normal but it's been like 2 months that way without turning dark green so I am starting to think if something is wrong). PLUS the fruits drop dramatically (It used to have like ~80 small fruits on and lately it drops about 5 to 10 / day, now there are maybe only 15 on the tree).

I give it deep water once every 2 days, apply liquid fertilizer weekly (about 10ml dissolved in 1 liter used on 2 trees). It gets almost full sun (south-facing window). Do you think it's getting sunburn? Or some iron / magnesium deficiency?

I'm totally new in this so please help. Any advice / suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.


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And here is the new growth.

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And some of the matured leaves (used to be really dark green in color).

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angela1234(6 SW PA)

It's probably some kind of nutrient deficiency or over watering. Looks similar to nitrogen and manganese deficiencies. I found a document with pictures to compare :)

Someone with more knowledge than me might have a better explanation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nutrient Deficiency

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Angela1234, thank you very much for your prompt reply! It really helps.

Indeed I am guessing it's iron + manganese deficiencies. I've been feeding it organic liquid fertilizer with no added micronutritions so maybe that's why.

Anyone has other ideas why it is like this? And of course how you suggest me to fix it. Thanks in advance.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Overwatering and nutrient deficiency.
Reduce watering frequency, and fertilize.


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Most organics are seriously deficient in what a lemon tree needs. If you want to stay organic, look for Espoma Citrus Tone; it is a very good product for lemons.

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Josh: Do you know any other method to check the soil dampness? (I can't use the "finger test" method because the soil is so hard and full with roots so it's impossible to stick my finger down there).

Johnmerr: Thank you for the suggestion! I will give it a try.

There is another thing. There is a instruction tag came with the tree that says I should only repot it after 2 years. However the soil doesn't seem to have good drainage to me (when i water it, the water doesn't go right down but stay on the surface of the soil for a few minutes, I then have to wait until it's absorbed by the soil then repeat again until I see some water running down the drainage hole at the bottom). Is it normal so? Or should I repot it and replace it with better soil?

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angela1234(6 SW PA)

Have you tried sticking a wooden dowel in the soil? A pencil or wooden chopstick works too. I stick it in and leave it for a minute or so and pull it out. If it is wet or cold when you touch it to the back of your hand or face then it is not time to water. You can even use multiple to check different depths.

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