Wrong datura from purchased seed

meadowlarkacres(5b - 6)October 14, 2013

I purchased what I thought was 'Double Blackcurrant Swirl' only to discover I got something different. This one has no scent, unlike DBS...

Any idea what I've got? Bought from so many places I can't figure out where I got the original seeds :-(

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Just chiming in til someone who knows what they are talking about replies :)

I bought a Jimson Weed plant this year to try out. No scent. Purplish flowers. Looks similar to what I had, but I ended up tossing it.

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My neighbor gifted me her 2 dat Metel Black currant purple swirl plants just before the frost hit. They have a slight lemony scent. Is this the fragrance you were referring to? I cut them down and they are in my basement for the winter.

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meadowlarkacres(5b - 6)

Kasha, that looks like the one I originally had in my garden. I just remember the scent being almost intoxicating around dusk. I vowed to plant them all around my deck and screened in porch, only I obviously got the wrong seeds.

The photo is the one that had the fabulous scent. I'm thinking it's like yours...

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