Looking for lost Christmas, TG cactus info

plantlovrAugust 12, 2014

I had bookmarked a site I found on here a couple years ago and now I can't bring it up. I would appreciate if anybody could help me with finding this again. The book mark said http://cactus.biology.dal.ca/paulS/christmas.html. This site showed the differences between the three different kinds of holiday cactus with pictures and explanations of leaf differences. The Schlumbergera Bridgesii, the Schlum. Truncata and the Rhipsalidopsis. I sure would love to have that site again if anyone can help me. Thanks.

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I know the page you are looking for, and my bookmark didn't work either. I found the page using the internet archive, the wayback machine.


Here is a link that might be useful: Recognition and Culture of the Holiday Cacti

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Ime5573, Thank you soooo much. That is exactly what I was looking for. How in the world did you know how to do that??? I had no idea about the internet archive. I am not very internet (computer) savvy though. Just mostly use it to look on The Garden Web quite a bit and some other things on the internet. Thank you sooo much for helping me out. I really enjoyed this article. It was soo informative for me trying to grow Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus. I dont have many just a couple but like to know all about them. Thanks again.

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