Evergreen vine to pair with clematis?

haley45(7b)May 14, 2009

Hi, I know that climbing roses and clematis do well growing together, but I was wondering if any of you know of an evergreen vine that would grow well with it along a 6ft. privacy fence and/or mailbox (i.e, one that doesn't get too huge). I had thought about confederate jessamine but then figured that it would probably choke the poor thing to death. If it helps, I have a Nelly Moser and a Multi Blue (and had to restrain myself at HD to other day to keep from buying about 5 more...I think I may be battling a new addiction LOL!).


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I'll put it very directly......I wouldn't :-) Simply because of the complications involved in pruning the clematis. You could possibly get away with using a no-prune, robust variety like a montana that would hold its own against many evergreen vines but IME, most evergreen vines as well as the montana clematis get far too large to suit the situation you intend.

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Thanks gardengal48! I hadn't taken into account pruning! I had a total "DUH" moment when I posted that :)

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