Can this Leyland Cypress be saved? Turning brown...

BostonTim2004May 28, 2011

Good afternoon. I planted a three-foot Leyland Cypress a couple of years ago. Last year, it grew a couple feet. This year, after a particularly heavy and nasty Boston winter, the Leyland (and a few other Leylands that I've planted through the years) have started turning brown. Browning is evident at the tips of certain branches and on interior branches as well. I notice that the single leader branch is browned at the tip as well. Browning is deep and renders the branches "crispy". I've attached a picture and would appreciate any insight anyone might be willing to share. I just want to know if the trees are toast or if they might bounce back in time. Thanks very much in advance.

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The pic's fallen off, but it sounds like it's dead. Boston is decidedly marginal for them, it doesn't surprise me that a bad winter would kill them there.


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