Leafless Lemons

dshcsApril 7, 2014

I planted several citrus before the winter in south Florida. I pushed them hard with rooting stimulants, soluble and dry fertilizer. Some were home store rescues (reduced shelf) and some neighborhood yard rescues (relocated). Everyone has flushed out nicely and bloomed except two lemons. Both are blooming and have set fruit, but not a single new leaf or sign of new leaves. One has only a few leaves left.
All have been treated with neonicotinoid drenches and get weekly foliar sprays with macro nutrients and oil (DIY Maury Boyd formulation). Is there something special about lemons I missed?

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Just a prayer to the citrus gods))


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If you post a photo or three, we could give you better advice; and if you could tell us things like varieties, rootstocks, ages, soil type, you might actually get some good answers.

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