Brugs dropping buds???

ruthzOctober 18, 2012

I counted 13 small buds that has fallen off my Dr Seuss and another couple of bigger ones off my NOID pink.

Anybody know what could be the cause. We did have some wind and rain last Saturday/Sunday.

Or too dry maybe. I'm not watering every day, but every few days now that we're getting cooler temps.

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I have experienced the same with my 2 brug. But it was a LOT more than 13 I lost.

For a while I thought it was that little horned worm....because every (or most) buds seemed to have a small hole in it. Almost as if the worm got inside the bud and ate the inside.

But I also thought it might be water. I sprayed and watered heavy for a few days and the dropping seemed to stop and the flowers came back.

Look to see if the buds have a hole.

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Found more dropped buds today.
No holes in the brugs, but some of my rose buds had holes thru them and small round holes in the leaves.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Lack of water, Ruth...............the roots still need to be moist despite cooler temps.

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