thinning fruit and pruning a branch, that Meyer lemon

sunnysideuphill(5)April 2, 2012

Hello all,

I posted earlier about my Meyer lemon blossoming - well there are two tiny lemons on one little branch, and another with loads of buds. The lemons are on such a tiny little branch - about the thickness of a six strand cotton embroidery floss. Should I take off one of them?

Also, there is a long branch, no fruiting or blooming evidence, just a 3 foot branch and leaves. It is almost twice as long as the other branches which are 18" to 2 feet; at about 18", it has a secondary branch about 4" long with nice healthy little leaves. My "design eye" says prune it down to that new branch, so that the overall shape is consistent. What do you all think?

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The long shoot is likely a watersprout; I would prune it back to the level of the general canopy, both for esthetics and to "force" the growth back to "normal".
FYI, if you are getting watersprouts, it probably means you are being a little too kind to your tree.
As for the lemons, leave them for now; later, if you see they are getting too heavy for the branch you can thin them; but Meyer limbs are very resistant... also, often if the fruit bends the branch down, other upright shoots will come off the branch. Keep doing what you are doing, but maybe a little less food... and next time, post pictures; it makes it much easier to diagnose.

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