O.T. Yahoo Superspot on Ebay

plantlover49(6B)October 14, 2011

this is the time to get Superspot if anyone is looking for it, this is a well trusted member of GW offering it, also a good time to get some other clippings at a great rate


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Hi Liz-
Are you the one who has it? If so, I have many brugs to choose from if you want to trade- check out my brug store- www.gardensbykasha.ecrater.com. I have some really beautiful doubles and triples and singles to choose from! or let me know what you want for it!

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Oh sorry- I just read your post title. I wonder if this is Super Spot that he/she is selling- they state that it's "Blooms are a salmon color single". Anyone out there with Super Spot starting out with that color? enlighten me please! ;)I thought it was a very dark pink/red color.

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Kathy mine didn't color up as much as usual this year but the normal color is a deep, dark pink. I wouldn't call it red but when SS came out it was probably the darkest pink on the market.

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it isn't me, But it's another trusted member, that I traded
Superspot with, just hang in there it will be on Ebay

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Finally Superspot is Listed, on Ebay, I just went there to look & it's there, anyone looking for that Beauty, nows the Time to get it, I am sure it won't last long, it's just one of those Brugs you just have to have


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I had Super Spot for a couple of years and I can say that it was way over rated as being red. It was not red and everyone I know that had it said the same thing. It's nothing more than a pink brug. I let it go because it was nothing more than a pink one... sorry Elizabeth.. better me tell you than you buy it and be disappointed. Some of those Euro pictures IMHO are just not how the plants look in real life :(


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