Sick Brugmansia

parker93October 20, 2013

I ordered a double orange and super pink from Quebec brugmansia. When they arrived leaves were falling off and the new ones coming on are deformed. I emailed Dany but have no responce from him. Could some one know what is wrong with them. I will post a picture. Thank you for you're help

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Sometimes in shipping the plant will go into shock. Especially if its shipped bare-root.
Give it some time and it should be OK.

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Thank you for responding. I sure hope you're right. Rught now no leaves.
Dany responded saying he keeps his dormant for the winter and how did I grow them. I paid a total of $65.00 for the 2 of them and can't afford to lose them
One thing for sure I will not buy from same place

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That price seems awfully high. Were they named, at least? If so, you'll want to keep track of their names in case you want to trade at a later date. You should still have an option of returning them.

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Some questions will help to figure this out.
Are/were the leaves hard, leather like or brittle? Include the new leaves in this.
Typically the leaves on a brug are soft and supple.
You say it currently has no leaves, correct?
Has it stopped growing, or is it trying to grow, but the leaves are very small and hard?
If you answer yes, try looking with a strong hand lens at the growing tip, look for very small white/grey spots moving, there may only be a few, look carefully, they are fast, and hard to see.
This would be broad mites.
Treatment would be either Avid or Ultra Fine Oil, two treatments about 14 days apart (to get any eggs that hatch).

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