When to repot citrus?

jean1976April 10, 2006

I just bought a lime tree now from Home Depot? Do i need to imeediately repot this into another container or how long cna it grown and thrive in the one it is in? I'm afraid if i repot it i will kill it?

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I repotted a bunch of seed grown citrus last year (house plants) around May/June and they all did great. I've got to do some more repotting this week.

How about a Pic?

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Yeah i will try and get a pic up tonight if i can get my camera to work :)

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Jean, seems a lot of ppl think after they buy a plant it needs to be repotted..or others prefer ornamental pots. This is myth. Unless a plant is bombarded w/roots, there's no reason to repot. It's best to keep a plant in the same container until it's acclimated to its new environment. Moving ='s shock and repotting a double whammy. I'm not saying not to repot though..if it's done carefully w/o breaking roots there shouldn't be any problems.
As soon as you see growth, or from mid spring to mid summer is a good time to repot..Toni

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athagan(z9a N/C Fl)

Any time I acquire a new potted plant the first thing I do is gently slip the plant (root mass, potting media, and all) out of the pot and look at the condition of the roots and the media. If there aren't big roots circling the inside of the pot and the media doesn't appear to have broken down (as in turning into goo) then I slip it back into its pot and leave it alone.


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well, I see that I did a BIG double whammy mistake

I brought my citrus home, after an 8 hour drive... and transplanted it. I was told by my greenhouse that it needed to be. then... I put them in my citrus/plant room, along with my exsisting seedling citrus plants. Well... the room was MUCH hotter and humid than the greenhouse they were in.

so.. moving, transplanting and drastic temp change

been just about a week and their still alive. Meyer is dropping a lot of its flower buds before they even bloom and its exsisting little lemons. the other trees are doing good.

I've since cut back on the heat, dropped the temp by half. just to give them a break. hopefully I didn't shock em too badly.

But, looking back, none of the trees really needed repotting. maybe better soil, growing medium. I know when I repotted, I barly touched the roots and placed it in its new pot. Hopefully I did ok.

Definantly recomend checking the root mass before going to repot

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