Algerian or Satsuma???

scuzzynuttyApril 20, 2011


I was reading that an Algerian Clementine (I think these are the ones in the store, Cuties) when pollinated, will produce seeds in the fruit. Does the same hold true for Satsuma? I was at a store today and I saw a 5 gallon Algerian Clementine with many many flower blossoms, will all those turn into fruit? The tree seems too small to produce 50-75 regular sized Clementines. Also, I barely saw any flowers on the Satsuma, I guess that�s because they bloom at different times? Which one is easier to grow that will produce more fruit?


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I had a mature Algerian Clementine tree and loved the taste of the fruit. So sweet and juicy but I dug it up and gave it away because of all the seeds. I replaced it with a Gold Nugget Mandarin.

All Satsuma's are seed free even when pollinated with an occasional fruit that contains 1-2 seeds.

Only 1-2 percent of citrus flowers produce a fruit.

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Do the Golden Nugget Mandarin not have any seeds? And do Golden Nugget or Satsuma need to be pollinated or are they self-pollinated? Thanks.

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Why don't you try a Tango Mandarin -- it's a seedless W. Murcott Afourer.

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Gold Nugget Mandarin do not have any seeds and is self-pollinated. Its a relatively new variety that came out a few years ago through the University of California Riverside citrus breeding program and is supposed to produce exceptional fruit. I just planted mine so I cannot vouch for it yet.

There are lots of Satsuma varieties and I think they are all also self-pollinated. However I have not studied up on them so there could be a variety of Satsuma that needs a pollinator that I am not aware of.

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Here is a description of the tree/fruit of Gold Nugget Mandarin by two University of California Riverside citrus breeding program researchers.

3/11/2008, Mikael Roose and Tim Williams: Late-maturing diploid mandarin hybrid that combines good fruit size, excellent productivity, outstanding storage characteristics both on and off the tree, extremely rich and sweet fruit flavor and the absence of seeds even in mixed plantings. Gold Nugget fruit are slightly flattened in shape, with little or no neck. The average fruit size is medium-large for a mandarin (classed as size 21 by industry packing standards) with a mean width of 68 mm (2.68 in) and a height of 58 mm (2.28 in), giving a height to width aspect ratio of 0.85, and mean weight per fruit of 130 grams (4.6 oz). Rind color is pale orange. The rind texture is variable, depending on tree age, crop, but especially on the amount of pruning the tree has received. For older trees with a moderate to heavy crop, regularly pruned to maintain a smaller more rounded crown, rind texture is pitted to slightly bumpy, with depressed oil glands. Alternate bearing is also reduced in regularly pruned trees. Fruit rinds from non-pruned trees with heavy crops can be somewhat coarse and bumpy and although fairly easy to peel when fruit are mature. Rind oil is evident when peeling fresh fruit. Fruit splitting on the stylar end of the fruit can occur and in some years can be significant. The fruit is juicy averaging 49% juice content. Flesh is deep orange in color with a moderately fine texture. The tast is extremely sweet when mature (brix 15.0% in March, 17.5% in May) with a very rich flavor, considered by professional taste panels to be one of the very best flavored citrus in the world.

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Hi, thanks for the replies and info. Ended up getting a satsuma from Home Depot last night. there were a few there. One of them had a tag that said OWARI Satsuma. The one I got didn't say what type of Satsuma. I wasn't aware there was different types of Satsuma. What's the differences? I just picked the one that looked the healthiest with the most flowers...

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