Training tree to grow straight

zecowsayApril 7, 2010

Hi everyone... so I just got an order of two trees from Logee's, a smaller 8 inch Meyer and a sprawling 18 inch Rangpur lime. My problem is that the Rangpur is growing out at an awkward sideways angle. Is there anyway to train this to grow straight up, more like a classic tree?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

I'd put a stake down into the soil on the right side of the pot. Then tie the sprout to the stake. You could also insert a stake right next to the tree and tie in several places to straighten it up. After one year it will remain in place.

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Thanks for the help. I staked it up, looks a little awkward but less so than a tree growing sideways.

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Why don't you post another pic staked? That way we can make sure it's done correctly. How much pressure did it give you when you forced it upright? Sometimes they look real funny staked, not very straight at all with large gaps between where it's tied. But if you adjust the ties every so often to different spots, in time it will appear to straighten (though many won't ever be perfectly straight).

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Oops, I thought the last reply to this thread was mine! Hopefully you read this.

I was pretty unclear, I think, on what I wanted. I was hoping I could train the long branch to grow upwards and be the main trunk of the tree. What should be the main trunk seems to have been pruned off at an odd angle, so I had to bend it back to be able to tie the long branch to the stake.

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That was what I ended up doing when I got my keylime from them. Actually I took a risk and sparyed water onto the bottom part of the trunk and then put rooting hormone on it. I then buried the whole section that was wet including the main leader stump. What I had was a tree that was straight and I didn't end up with a dead tree. I say your on the right track. hope it works.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Looks perfect to me. Nice job!

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Zeco, how is your rang-lime looking these days? I was curious since it's been almost a year, does it no longer need the stake or has it branched?


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