Hand polination of Key lime, HELP!

pullweeds(5)April 2, 2014

I have noticed that there are two very different blooms on my key lime. I could use some help in knowing how exactly to pollinate the tree.

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I think most all citrus flowers have both sex parts meaning they are perfect flowers and don't need cross pollination. But when mine flowers I just get a brush and rub each flower around so the pollen transfers from bud to bud.

But when a flower is perfect, it just needs a slight bump or breeze to pollinate.

Hope this helps!

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That sure does help. I'm using a small brush now, so hopefully I will some day get a key lime.

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Pollinating will make absolutely no difference in whether or not you get fruit on a key lime. It won't really even make a difference in how many seeds you get.

As to the two different type of blossoms you've got, they all just look like different stages of opening.

Key limes will pretty much flower intermittently all year, and will hold fruit when they feel they're able. Like all citrus, they'll drop the vast majority of fruitlets formed.

Just keep it healthy, make sure its roots are in good shape, give it plenty of sun, and good water and fertilizer, and you'll get fruit.

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"so hopefully I will some day get a key lime."

PullWeeds - perhaps you didn't understand. The flowers are perfect and do not need hand pollination. If your tree fails to make fruit it is because of something else, possibly it is too young? There is no need to do anything to the flowers to get fruit. They set fruit without pollination.

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