Question about ants on landscape wood

lovetogrowflowers(8)October 30, 2010

Okay, for the past week I have been battling ants. I never even saw them until I went and purchased some landscape wood to put around my brugs. Now these tiny little ants are traveling the wood. Right now I am using terro, which from what I read will attract more in the beginning. But where the hell did they come from? lol

I haven't seen one ant all summer near my brugs. Get the wood and suddenly they're all over it. There's six pieces of the wood and they are only traveling on two of the 8 ft pieces. I've checked the mulch around the brugs, no ants, underneath the wood, no ants, searched and searched for an ant hill, none to be found. Where in the heck are these B**t***S?

I've looked on the net and have no clue what type of ant they are. Could they be carpenter ants? I read they love thrips, but i see no thrip damage to my brugs, maybe they are helping more than I think. lol, but I want them gone, as least I think I do. Could they really be a huge concern for my plants? Being OCD I'm going nuts trying to find out where the heck they're coming from.


I see no ant hills anywhere, my yard or the neighbors. My worry is that they are feeding on my brugs roots underneath the ground? Is that possible? Wouldn't I see some type of hill near by?

They're not even crawling on my plants. Advice please if you have any. Whats my best course of action?

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If it's cooling down I'm not surprised that you are seeing more ants. I see a huge increase in the numbers of the tiny black ants when the seasons change. Carpenter ants are quite large so I seriously doubt you have to worry about them. They can be terribly destructive.

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Unless the ants are destructive (carpenter ants) or dangerous (fire ants) you probably shouldn't do anything about them. Ants usually do not do permanent or life threatening harm to plants.

Although all ants will sting when provoked only Fire Ants they are very aggressive, the venom is extrememly unpleasant and can be dangerous. Chances are if you have tampered with their environment you would know immediately if they were Fire Ants, you will not always see mounds when they are present.

Good luck!


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Thanks so much :)

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