IDs? A maybe-Senecio and a Jade-pretender

citosaAugust 4, 2012

I'm in the middle of labelling my plants, and I'm sure you know how it is: You figure you'll label that new one in a few days, when you have time, and two years later you're trying to remember which of those three Echeverias you got on eBay it is.

These two never had names to begin with, though, so I really hope someone recognises them.

Plant #1 I bought on eBay two years ago. The seller guessed it to be a Ceropegia, but I couldn't find a match. Just as I was writing this, though, I realised the growing points reminded me of my Senecio stapeliformis and I'm now almost certain it's a Senecio deflersii (syn. Kleinia obesa). What do you think? (Besides, it's a cool-looking plant and I might as well share the pictures, heh.)

The whole plant (hand for size reference):


Plant #2 was hiding out all on its lonesome among a bunch of small Crassula ovata at a local nursery. It looks to be in the Crassulaceae family as well; it reminds me of some of the Adromischus species, but I haven't found a good candidate yet. And unlike plant #1, no revelations so far. Any ideas?

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Could the first one be a Kleinia obesa, maybe a tad etiolated.

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