Euphorbia milii growth

planetannAugust 10, 2014

I have an Euphorbia milii that seems healthy enough and blooms regularly. But it has become spindly and the 'branches" are dropping and curling in interesting ways. Is this normal or it it trying to tell me something?

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To wet for certain. in my opinion pot is to big to deep and to wide. Top soil line looks ok but may have a perching water line in the pot.

Would repot into smaller remixing the already seen ( even wet) soil, cut the weeping branches ( mist to slow & help stop while avoiding any contact with white sap) I'd forgo flowering at this time and no watering for a while.

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should I cut the weeping branches at their base? And pinch off the flowers?

And what is a "perching" water line?

much thanks!

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Not usuall to do but will.... You'll see a suggested cutting plan at the bottom it's your plant and is just a suggestion

Perching water line or PWT (T meaning table in PWT) is an area in the soil where moisture has accumulated and may have formed a very wet area.

Moisture build up from a PWT soil is sometimes soupy or a sloppy mud area in the soil.

Sometimes PWT is a result of a compacted soil area in the soil where moisture is impeded from flowing evenly.

Apx 10 million Good draining soil Ideas mentioned on this forum if you want to concider or if needed

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