streaked clematis leaves??????

Terri_Meyer_1(5)May 10, 2013

Just wondering if anyone has ever seen streaked or variegated leaves on a clematis? I just noticed that I have streaked/variegated leaves on one of my 3 Guernsey Cream's.
Thank you,

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Streaking or partial variegation is typically the sign of a virus. But not to panic!! Viruses are not necessarily "bad" - that's often how variegated plants come to be in the first place. Keep an eye on it and if it looks OK through the growing season, all good. But if the vine looks like it's beginning to deteriorate or looking weak, you may need to remove at least the affected portion of the vine.

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Hi, Terri.

I'm usually over on the Antique Rose Forum but hopped over to this clematis thread when I discovered "variegated" leaves on my Clematis terniflora/paniculata--first time in 9 years. My variegation looks like silver streaking on the leaves. I contacted the Rogerson Clematis Collection in Oregon but have not received a reply yet. It's an interesting gardening season, isn't it?

Carol in Portland, OR

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My Clematis SAC has done the exact same thing this year, Carol. I was just going to wait it out to see what happens. Had a problem with leafhoppers in that section in the garden last year and didn't know if there was a connection. Took all my coneflowers except the cheap ones I started from seed.

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