Confederate / carolina jasmine rooting

Gypsy_NC(Zone 7b)August 1, 2012

Hi, ya'll. I purchased a confererate jasmine topiary this spring - although it was past it's blooming time it has grown beautifully in it's pot. (I have a new greenhouse YAY I can keep it in this winter). The plant has a large shoot that looks like it is coming from the roots. I hate to not do anything with it - do I cut it off & try to root it, or can I cut it off from the plant directly, saving some of the root? Layering? Thanks ever so much for any info - there is nothing on propagation forum.

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Hi, Gypsy,

I am in Greensboro and I have several confederate jasmines growing on my fences that all came from the same plant. I don't know enough to tell you about taking part of the root, but all my plants came strictly from cuttings.

The confederate jasmine (thick, short, glossy leaves and a white-ish star shaped flower) is different from Carolina (yellow tubular flower, narrow leaves). I have both, but I haven't tried propagating the Carolina yet.


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I should have told you that to root the cuttings, I just stuck them in the ground and kept them moist. Don't watch too closely; they take a while. Just keep moist and in a few months, they will start putting out new leaves.

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Gypsy_NC(Zone 7b)

Thank you Carolina Kate - I am going out immediately to try rooting my Confederate Jasmin. I have a wonderful shoot growing out of the root that is about a foot tall. Thanks again!

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