Better stock up now on corn meal

dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)August 2, 2012

Organic gardeners and lawn growers who rely on corn meal

probably should be stocking up now.

The harvest in the main corn producing states is rated poor to very poor.

First things to be sacrificed are processed product for the minority who use it to stay organic.

August and Sept are big 'fungus' months for lawns so you might want to lay in your corn supplies now before the prices go berzerk or the product is unavailable.

Between all the chicken and pig farms in NC, our local crop

which hasn't been affected by drought is probably either pre-sold or will be sold at a premium price to feedlot operations in the MidWest.

It just occurred to me as I read a lawn question here and went off to the lawn forum to read more. Seems a lot of folks rely on cornmeal for fungal and weed suppression.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

guess not as many use this stuff as claimed.
a post just to get this unhooked from the top

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I've never used cornmeal in the garden. You mention using it for fungus and weed control. Do you spread it around the base of the plant or what?

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

I don't use it at all but have noted over the years all the organic proponents of using it mostly on lawns in lieu of pesticides/herbicides.
Since it is purchased and used for specific applications, it might not be readily available when needed this year.

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

I was wondering WHAT kind of corn it just the kind you get a the grocery? I thought I read sometime it was not....
What forum did you read all about it in?

Thanks Dottie...

:) Aqua

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It has been a few years since some long discussions here on GW re the various uses of cornmeal in the garden. Lots of information to be gleaned. Do a search on the entire Forum using titles such as "cornmeal fungus" or "cornrmeal as a weed killer" or "cornmeal and southern blight" or "cornmeal experiments". These should lead you back to prior discussions and aid in understanding the subject.

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

Thanks nandina I want to use it as a weed killer/germination preventer. Haven't took the time to research this yet, been looking up other things for natural solutions for other issues.
I read this when she first posted it an been keeping a check on it...
I will do a search for the info just thought someone else may have the info readily available :).

Thanks again,
:) Aqua

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