Lime tree not growing.

sjon(11)April 19, 2011


I live on the island of Curacao in the caribbean. (average low 80F average high 90F). Three months ago i bought a lime plant, 3 feet tall. I planted it in the ground. It does not grow at all. It looks very healthy, with no leaves falling off, nice and shiny. It gets enough sun and enough heat (we're in the caribbean). Should i be more patient? Or is it not getting enough water/ nutrients? I don't think its the pH because the plant looks healthy.

Thank you.

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I would be patient. If it looks healthy, it is probably merely a matter of time before new growth shows up.

Without more details, that is about all I can say. Here are a couple other ideas:

If the plant has a well-developed root system (which is probably true if it was grown in a container), you could make it grow new branches more quickly by trimming the branches it has back a bit. After three months, it should be more than capable of responding to a pruning operation by putting out new growth.

If the plant was dug out of the ground, and many of the roots were lost, then the tree is possibly still putting a lot of energy into replacing those roots, and you should not try to force it to grow new branches. I would guess that even if this is the case, it should be growing new branches shortly.

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The plant was indeed grown in a container.
Upon closer inspection i noticed three flower pods emerging from the tip of one of the five branches. Could this be the reason of the absence of growth?
And is the flowering a good sign?

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The tree was probably just going through a natural dormant phase. The appearance of blossoms fits the usual pattern: dormant period, followed by flowering, followed by vegetative growth (but the flowers and shoots can and often will be present at the same time).

So, I think the tree is fine. I would simple water it regularly, and fertilize it every two or three months, once now, for example, and again in mid-July.

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Happy easter!

More flowers are now appearing on all branches! Phew! I really thought something was wrong...
Should i remove the flowers to stimulate the new leaf growth? I read that if one removes flowers in one flowering season, the next flowing season will produce more fruit.
How long does a dormant period take? And a flowering/ growing season?

Thank you!

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Took some pics. As you can see my tree is now staring to produce flowers and leafs. Should i prune the tree or should i leave it as it is?

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The tree looks exceptionally healthy to me. I wouldn't prune it, but you can if you want to force it into a bushier shape. It will naturally become bushy with time, however.

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Thank you! I will leave it be then.
The flowers smell really nice and strong. There are pores filled with oil on the petals. This oil smells really good too. Only a rose plant i had in holland (Hybrid Tea Rose "Aotearoa") had a better smell than this. I can imagine why they use citrus blossom in perfume. The blossoms are also beatiful.
Anywayz, till later!

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I live in texas , around katy , Last spring I bought a mexican lime plant,small and bushy it was pretty good and healthy looking plant,flowering beautifully,until I broke the cardinal rule,and fertilized while it was blooming. All the blooms fell off and so did most of the leaves,I just left it alone thinking it will come back,its been a year,but I haven't seen any new growth, all the leaves are gone ..just green branches just like fall,only now its spring and everything else in he garden is coming up.
Should I still have hope or just dig it out and replace it.
Pls help.

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