Ascotiensis and Mildew

butterclem(z6 W.PA)May 26, 2010

Three clematises (Ascotiensis, Margaret Hunt, and Avant Garde) are spending the summer in large pots on my deck in anticipation of being planting this fall.

One of my target spots gets sun all morning but none in the afternoon. Currently, Margot Koster, Alba Luxurians, and Sizaia Ptitsa bloom there very happily. But there are lots of shrubs (mine) and trees (my neighbor's) around. I'd like to put Ascotiensis there, but it seems to me I've heard it has a propensity for mildew. Might it be happier in a sunnier spot? Any speculation as to which of my three candidates might do best in this situation?


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I do not know if mildew is effected by sun. I get it on plants in full sun.

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butterclem(z6 W.PA)

Thanks for responding! I regularly get mildew on my serviceberry but not on anything else. It's in the general area where I want to plant Ascotiensis. I take it your response wasn't specific to that variety. It can only die! Since I have all summer to pick sites for these three that I'm coddling till fall planting time, I guess I'm obsessing. Again, thanks.

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