Brugmansia sanguinea seed help

passiflorapond(9B)October 24, 2010

I planted out 7 brugmansia sanguinea seed on the 14th. How long do they take to germinate? Are there any special tricks to getting them up?

Also I have another question...did I read somewhere that if the mother tree was pollinated with herself, that the plants come out white flowered? I ordered the seeds from and have heard good things about them. Any help offered is appreciated.

Thanks all

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Trade Winds is a reliable vendor. Sanguinea should grow true. It's most of the other varieties that will sometimes revert to white.

Did you soak and peel the seeds before planting? They'll usually germinate within a couple weeks. They need to be room temp or warmer and the soil should be lightly moistened, not soggy.

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Oh Karyn! :)
They are coming up! I just found 3 of them, stems bent with leaves still underground. By morning they will be up. Thank you for the reply, I just get so nervous with seed that is hard to come by :)

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