found something cool-clear 'invisible' trellis kits

kev226May 22, 2009

Hey! I thought this product was sort of neat and just wanted to share. So, I was searching the web for a netting-like trellis to use on the side of my house because I was tired of the look of my wooden one that had definitely seen better days, and I came across these cool clear-grid annual and perennial trellis kits by InvisiClimb. I just ordered a few of the perennial ones for my Clematises; they have some examples of using them on downspouts and mailboxes, which I thought were neat too. So, as soon as they get in I'm going to transfer my plants onto them and let you know how I like it!

Oh and here's the website if any of you were looking for something similar too

Hope I could help! Have fun gardening!

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