what are those bushes and why are they dying

sam.i.am(7)August 14, 2014

Got a few big bushes on a side of the house (see attached image) - no idea what those are (I'm not much of a gardener) and did not bother to ask the previous owner.
I've noticed one of them died about a month ago and now I see another one almost half dead too.
Would appreciate any help to:
1) Identifying what those are
2) What might be the reason for them dying like that?

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I can't tell from your pic, sorry.
Have you been watering them when you have a dry spell?
Are they evergreen? Do they bloom?
There is still a little green on one of them too.
Check the bush to make sure it isn't bugs. Check the green that is left on that one bush.
If you don't see any bugs, it could be lack of water.
Sorry, if you get the chance, try to take a close of pic of the stem for an ID.

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I'd take the picture and samples to your county extension service. They should have someone there that can diagnose the problem for you.

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